Anyone know what yoyo this is?

Does anyone know what yoyo this is? For as long as I’ve owned it I could not remember. Thanks in advance.

Looks like an OG YYF California.

Edit - after looking at mine, I don’t think it’s a California.

I don’t think that’s an original California, those had open posts. To me, it looks like a Rec Rev Bad Rep.

OP, how small is it? The Bad Rep was almost a direct rip-off of the 401k/California shape, and it used YYfs hubstacks.

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I was thinking it was a recrev, I didn’t know the name though. I’m pretty sure this is it though.

Pretty sure that’s a Bad Rep. Wether or not it’s a standard or light version I’m not sure. I would assume it’s the light version since all the Bad Reps I’ve seen have been engraved and were dark purple.