Anyone know what these yoyos are, and if they are any good (Speed Team & 91yoyo)


So, this topic was deleted before, due to the fact I linked to a store, now I have direct links to the pictures, so hopefully we’re all set, although, not entirely sure why it matters, seeing that yoyoexpert doesn’t even sell these yoyos, but, rules are the rules so, sorry for breaking them.

Anyway, I was searching around on some random website and I found two yoyos I haven’t ever heard of before. They’re cheap metals from China, or Korea, so I’d really like some more info on them, and maybe to know which would be a better buy.

I looked around for speedteam reviews, ect. and only really found a youtube video of a guy saying that he liked it, but nothing more than that. As for the other one, I’m still skeptical that 91yoyo is the company that makes it, all I know is that it is listed as 91yoyo, EX-5 spirit (Black)

So, as for the speed team, here is a pic-

And as for the 91yoyo, EX-5, here is another pic-

They’re both around the same price, so, I just wanted to know if anyone has had any experience with them. Ohh! I almost forgot! In the description of the EX-5, it boasts a spin time of 10 minutes, just thought I’d add that in.

Thanks for reading,

Please don’t post product images from competing stores.


Does anyone even have an opinion? I want to get one of these, I just need to know which. I think the EX-5 Spirit one is much smaller than the speedteam btw. Please give any opinion you have.


the speedteam plays pretty good although it has a bit of vibe more than most metals on the market
its still pretty fun to play with


AFAIK the Speedteam yoyos are available in a a variety of colours and engravings but there are only two shapes. One has a double V profile, the other is more rounded. I’m pretty sure it’s a Chinese brand but for some reason they have Korean engravings on some of their yoyos.

I own the double V shaped one. Plays very nice for the price. Can be a bit vibey, very possibly due to the stacks which I haven’t tried to remove. Comes with a quality stainless steel concave bearing, but unfortunately like a number of cheaper Chinese yoyos the stock pads can be a bit slippy.

I also own the EX-5 YoYo Spirit. It’s very small and wide. It’s more a gimmick yoyo than anything else. Plays ok for such a small yoyo, but that ain’t saying much. As for the 10 minutes spin time, many Chinese manufacturers like to quote a spin time in the specs. Not sure how they come up with it, but I would basically ignore it. They don’t spin any more or less than you would expect them too, and the spin time has as much to do with the thrower as the yoyo.

EX-5 also have some larger yoyos which I do like. The Asura plays fantastic if you like heavy yoyos. I’ve only briefly tried a few others and they weren’t bad either.


Funny enough, someone convinced me to get a Token, instead of either of these. It’s in the mail now. Thanks for the replies you two, maybe I’ll get a speedteam on a later date. Some of those engravings are pretty cool after all.