Magic yoyos- anyone heard of them?

Hey guys i was wondering if anyone has heard of them as i saw the on another site. If you have used them What do you think of the N8, N5 and N6? What do you think of the Speedteam beast yoyo? What you guys think of the Auldey Fevernova?


Yes Gmana people have heard of them. Seems just the past month or two they have made an appearance on the yoyo scene.
I hear a couple of good things about one of em on another board, and for the money they seem a decent deal.
If the specs are too your liking then they may be something you would like.
The Speedteam Beast I have read a couple of reviews that were very favorable, reportedly a smooth player. The only bad thing I have heard about is the bearings for the hub-stacks are said to be low quality, but for the price, they are a steal.
Most modern machined aluminum yoyos are pretty high quality, not all, but a lot of pretty decent cheap/low price yoyos coming from Asia nowadays.
Good luck.