Speed Team yo-yos?


Hey all,

I’ve been looking into a metal hubstacked yo especially after seeing some at the YYE table Was going to get a PGM while I was there but I guess there are none available at this time…but don’t think I’m ready any time soon for shelling out $100 or so for one. I am aware of the phrase “You get what you pay for” so I wouldn’t expect much but I’m curious about these “Speed Team” yoyos…the one that’s caught my eye is the 4 Saints White Tiger…


Anyone have experience with these yoyos (as in how playable are they, vibe, quality, etc) and ordering these from the Chinese sites they’re available on? My main concern would have to be shipping as the businesses I found that sell them are in Hong Kong. Any recommended sites (You can PM me on this one). They look like pretty nice yo’s.


I’ve never personally thrown one, but mondoman08 on youtube has one, and he said they were pretty good for the price.
“if you are looking for a great metal yoyo with hubstacks for cheaper, then id say go for the speed team yoyos. They play incredible and come stock with konkave bearings. The only drawback there is the wait time to get them lol theyre incredibly affordable but youll deff be waiting a bit to get them. On average, about 3 weeks to a month is what ive had to wait for my overseas yoyo.”


I know this thread have been inactive for half a year. But yeah. This yoyo, is superb for it’s price. Having played it myself, I’d say it’s as smooth as a YYR. Very very underrated throw IMO. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyiJTCKHqg4&feature=channel_video_title here’s a vid from my friend who owns it. (: