Anyone Know What the best Camera Angle is?!?

Im doing a series and i really want great angles anyone know what the best is also what would be the best background?
and of course im sure natural sunlight is the greatest ^^

Camera angle is all relative to what you’re shooting and the subject matter. Obviously you will want your light source in front of the subject and natural light is great but a set is actually best so you can control your light at 2 points with the direction set 45 degrees from each side to counter shadows and to illuminate your subject fully. Typically, if I were shooting say a commercial with a single subject and product I would position the camera head level, pointing down slightly with the subject exposed in the lens from the waist up. This offers a favorable set up with enough focal length to demo a product as well as provide enough lens bokeh (blurry background) that will help keep attention on the subject while taking the distracting background and blurring it nicely to give a professional touch.

Message me with any questions. I spent college shooting both video and stills to pay my tuition. What your asking about is a bit more complicated. But I’m happy to help if I can. :slight_smile: