Filming tips? Cinematography help!

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So, If you haven’t already seen my videos. My Cinematography isn’t the very best. Please give me as many tips as possible to help me improve my video stylings and just the overall look of my videos.
I just feel like in other videos I’ve seen, the color looks so much more vibrant, the string looks so much more crisp, as well as the smoothness of the video.

I have been using a Gopro for the longest time now, and My videos do not look anywhere NEAR how the commercials, or anything other Yoyoer’s I’ve seen,that make it look so crisp?

Thanks Y’all


Get a GoPro Hero 3+ black.


Filming in very bright lighting is the best for the older gopros. Makes it look better. Also clean the lens.

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I’ve noticed that!


Buy a dslr.


All cameras, even fancy schmance DSLRs, will benefit from a brightly lit environment. As the ISO (light sensitivity) goes up, so do the video artifacts. Most consumer-grade systems will compensate for this digital noise by running it through processing (filter) which will ultimately result in lost detail.

Point being: your room, even with the window open, is probably not bright enough on its own.


filming in at least 1080p helps that’s what I film on all my videos the only fault I have is editing so yah. In. The Yoyo collaboration video I did way long ago with Legyoyo I filmed in 1080p on a bright sunny day and it look amazing. Also make sure your exporting your video in 1080p as well.

Also make sure your lighting is behind the camera. If I were you if you have a desk lamp place it behind the camera in front of you.

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I’ve been wondering why my videos looked so washed out! I have this entire lighting thing wrong.
I have a ridiculously bright desk lamp I just got. I guess I shall be testing it in my new trick dump sometimes! Thanks :slight_smile:


I had 4X100W (equivalent) light bulbs all pointed at a shot of some yoyos I wanted to sell and it still wanted to use ISO 3200. Opened up the aperature a little and I managed to get ISO 1600, which is still considered a bit on the “sub-optimal” side. A single bright desk lamp will probalby only help a little. But it’s better than not at all!

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Storyboard everything! It helps a lot. I story boarded my latest video.

I took a couple film classes in high school and the most important things I learned were about lighting and story boarding. It streamlines the whole process!


Logan would tell you to get a Nikon d3100. We all know Cannon is better though :stuck_out_tongue: