anyone know what finish the BOSS and the C13 have?

or what… i honestly dont know if it even has some sort of smooth touch to it…

i think beadblsat

BOSS is anno’d

Both of them are anodized, unless there’s a colorway of the C13 with a beadblast.

The C13 is shiny and doesn’t grind good. The Boss is pretty good for grinds, but I still don’t know what they do differently to make that finish.

BOSS = Beadblasted
C13 = Anno’ed

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Doesn’t the Boss have the same finish as the fundametals? It’s pretty good for grinding, but I’m pretty sure it’s not bead blasted, so I don’t know what it is.

The BOSS is beadblasted.

The C13 is just anodized.

I thought both were anoed? the boss is bead blasted? My boss feels smooth like ano

what does bead blasted mean ???

Beadblasted = blasted with beads


It’s a way of resurfacing a yoyo to give better grinds.

I’m going to try and clear things up here.

All Catch 13’s are regular anodized.

The augie fash bosses are regular anodized.

The standard black bosses are anodized AND bead blasted.

That’s probably the reason for the confusion. I thought they were all just anno’d to be honest, but according to, that version of the boss is bead blasted (not sure if they’re actually correct though :S)

I think we need a yoyofactory representative to intervene, since it seems like there may be some mis-information on this out there.

Hope that helps.

Augie Fash BOSSes are also beadblasted. I have owned one.

You HAVE, I still do, and I asked Ben at Worlds and he said anno’d

oh yeah, the BOSS is NOT beadblasted. I asked Andre and this is what he said:

Hi Helio,
The Boss is actually has a matte finish which is similar results but not bead blasted. It still results in a nicer grind surface and is what they have switched to for all current production yo-yos instead of bead blasting.


I clarified this 10 posts ago. If I was just making a guess, I would have said so. You shouldn’t be making posts stating something as fact unless you’re sure of it. It just causes more confusion.

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That is why I haven’t posted in this thread.

I thought BOSS’s were beadblasted but I wasn’t sure so I didn’t post.