Anyone know the weight of the markmont classic magnum opus nickel plated compared to the regular finish? with flat cap side effects

i have the regular markmont classic magnum opus and a nickel plated and was wondering what the weight is for the nickel plated. it’s definitely more.

Do you mean flat caps or the caps that came with the most recent run of Markmont. Classic Magnum Opuses? They’re very similar, but a bit different (pictured in the album are grey flat caps, silver MCMO side effects); flat caps are a bit rounder and weigh slightly more:

So, not as drastic as I thought, it’s only 0.7g heavier:

Silver MCMO - 64.1g

Nickel MCMO - 64.8g


All I’ve found is it weighs a few grams more. Hopefully, someone will weigh it and post the details.