Help with ID of a Markmont throw

I have been trying to get in contact with Markmont. with no luck.

I have what I believe is a Markmont Classic black fade, it has blue u/l side effects. The only black fade on the site is the Classic.

I was told by the person I got it from that it was a Magnum Opus, I don’t see the black fade colorway listed under that model.

I am happy with what ever I is, it would be nice to know which one.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Pretty sure that’s the MCMO. Checkout this announcement post from YYE a while ago. It has that fade w/blue ul’s as one of the MCMO colors that dropped.


I remember around when the MCMO came out seeing Markmont using it in some Instagram posts. You can see the fade when it’s spinning.

…here it is


Yes, that sure is the same one. So it looks like the black fade colorway came in both models.

I read that the step in the end cap was a flat chamfer on the MMC an slightly curved on the MCMO. I will need to look this evening.


Thats a MCMO, you can tell by the broader radius in the inner cup where it flares out from flat to the rims around the side effects.


On the classic its much sharper. (Below)

and the rims have a different profile. these are the most obvious visual differences.


Thanks, it was hard to tell without both to compare.

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Also the shinier finish looks more like 7075.


I was wondering if there was a non-destructive way to tell what alloy it was.

Hi @Hojo-YoYo , to add to other people’s commentary, it’s a bit hard to tell from the photo, but I think you have an MCMO there.

I took several comparative photos in this comparison post I made: My perception of The Markmont. Classic Magnum Opus vs. the OG Markmont. Classic

Essentially, the MC (left) will have flat chamfer cut around the base of the cup face where as the MCMO (right) will have a rounded groove instead:

Hope this helps, if you can take some other photos with the light shining at the right angle, I could confirm for you.


Those photos are just what I need to compare to mine.


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First thing you do is to throw the yo-yo into a garbage disposal. Remove the pipe trap at the bottom of the disposal. Gather All the metal shavings into a waterproof Pelican case.

Secure the seams with 20 layers of invisible tape.

Goggle the location of the hidden Government Metalurgical Laboratory. It isn’t that hard to find. Just pull up a map screen on your phone and look for a half inch circle that has no Business markers.

Drive to the location in an unmarked car. Arrive at high noon or midnight; whichever comes first. Make sure to wear sunglasses a 10 gallon hat and a full length black trench coat, so as not to attract attention.

Do the secret door knock using the top of your head. It gives a more hollow sound on the inside and lets them know you are family.

Pour the yo-yo fragments on the test table. First, they will measure the hardness of your cranium. The Rockwell hardness will prolly be, like 58 or so.

Then, they will test the fragments from the yo-yo. If…. They are less than 58, most likely 6061.
If…. Greater than 58, than prolly 7075. If…… the fragments glow in the dark in a well lit room, better call Jeffrey Pang at Luftverk. He can’t do anything, but he always likes oddly interesting stories.

Easiest way to find out the alloy but you will prolly need a new yo-yo.

Good luck.

PS… or, maybe just take the easy way out and contact One Drop, directly via email and ask them?


I have everything you mentioned above except for the hat, can I borrow yours.