Anyone know how to make a free website viewable by people?


i am gonna make a yoyo website for lessons and stuff like that but im not shure how to make one anyone know how? if you do please post


why. just why.


You’d probably be best off googling this, rather than posting about it on a yoyo forum.

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You need a host


It used to be quite a difficult task to create your own website, you would have had to learn php code. But now its easy, theres even a program for it on windows. :smiley: But I would not advise to use it, because it still takes knowledge over the code, what I would advise is…
There are plenty of free hosts, mostly those blogger websites with very easy site building tools :slight_smile:

Their quite easy to find, just google something like free websites or “how to make a free website?”. You might find a link which answers this question on some public forums or “ask” websites.

I’ll send you some links I have tried over a PM. :wink:


You can make a website with google and if not Verizon gives you a website you can design when you get an email address.