Please check out my yo yo website

I made a yoyo website please visit it and tell me what you think

need more tricks!!!

I know I just made it a bit ago tho

can you give a link? it doesnt working for me

It’s cool that you want to start a website, but a few of those tricks were mistaught.

Yeah make sure you’re teaching the proper way to do tricks. A trapeze should start with a breakaway and land on the string. The variation that you’re teaching has the yoyo spinning in the opposite direction.

The tutorials are alright but you didn’t even teach them properly. Your side mount tricks have the Throw spinning in the wrong direction. Plus we’ve all seen these tricks, use different tricks, custom combos, etc.

Ok I made up a trick called open the portal I thought about posting



Not much different than yoyo expert

Does webs allow you to access the HTML/CSS? If so, you can edit their footer to remove their advertising. If you can’t, I recommend using Weebly.

As for doing side style tricks with front style spin, there’s nothing wrong with that. Alexis JV always does front style, and he’s been sponsored. You might want to mention that your way is different than other ways. Also, I would move into original tricks instead of beginner tricks. Beginners are much more likely to use yoyoexpert or a similar website than an obscure forum find.

There are a few tiny problems and typo’s with the website. In the forum help description, ticks should be tricks, and I would move the yoyo image out from under the heading. I would also capitalize the trick names.

Ok thank you

Were you able to access the HTML?

No I don’t think so

I’d suggest doing a little more than make tutorials.

I think having a website completely dedicated to learning tricks would be ok, but you would probably need more than one person to contribute to tutorials. I think a collaborative forum website, with tutorials from forum members here, and maybe a few from YouTube, would be a good resource, just to make it easier to find tutorials. If something like that existed, do you think people would use it?

That would have a LOT of tutorials. Some tutorials might get repeated so it would need some regulation.

Yes. Lots and lots of tutorials. :smiley:
Whoever adds the tutorials would have to make sure there’s only one of each one. Although, having more than one tutorial for a trick would probably be a good idea. I wouldn’t make it a public, anyone can edit site. There would be one or two people with the password that would put the tutorials up.

Of course there would have to be categories. Like beginner-advanced 1a-5a maybe even subcategories to define the trick (eg. slacks.)