Does anyone know how to make a website?

I’ve found that some of you yoyoers are pretty savvy with computers. Anyone know how to make a small website for free?? I just need something basic. Do you have a recommended web hosting server?

Check with your ISP, some of them offer personal website hosting as part of the service. My previous ISP did. Current one doesn’t.

There are tons of free website hosts like and such out there. Most with templates you can just fill in. they all have banner ads that you HAVE to have there though. A bunch of people use things like wordpress and blogspot for their website (also free) but if you are custom making your site with something like dreamweaver or HTML, etc than it’s harder/costs money to do it through the blog sites.

It really depends on what you want to do with your site. If it’s just ramblings, pictures and videos just make a blog. if its more complex check out the free site places. if it’s really important it might be worth it to just shell out the dough for a URL and web server space.

Just saying, I used to do this stuff freelance and I have done it all :slight_smile:

Learn html. Copy and paste the following code into notepad and save as anything as long as it ends with .html Then open it with your web browser and it should work. This is an extremely basic code though.

Here you put what you want the title to be.

Hello world


thanks for the help, I made a website but I had a problem with the sever. To Password protect a document I had to buy the "Enhanced plan
NEW QUESTION- does anyone know a free web hosting server that allows you to password protect for free?

See if it supports .htaccess ad .htpassword

I’m in the process of obtaining a new machine to be a web server(well, among other things) and will be re-doing my sites as a result. Right now, I’m still redoing my sites on my existing server just to update their look. I’m working on a low priority site right now. After the 16th, I’m going to work on my main site.

To get around password protecting files…zip the file and add password to the zip…

I used Weebly to make my first website and it worked pretty well.