www.isayoyoplayer.com is awesome, and so is Josh!

Have any of you ever wanted your own yo-yo website??? But you didn’t want to use a pre-made template, and you didn’t want to buy your own domain?

You just want to write up your own HTML code and get it online for free?

Well, isayoyoplayer.com is the place to go!


Basically, all you have to do is request a username and password, and then upload your files! Your website will be:


The creator of this website is Josh Parker. Many of you may know him as the guy on the right side on String Burn Live. When I had problems or questions, which was a lot, I just emailed him. I must have sent him 30 emails, and every one of them he got back to me within 5 minutes. He was so great and helpful, and he kept working at my level until I got it all working well. I just wanted to say thanks to him, and let him know how much he helped.

Oh, yeah, and you’ll be seeing my website soon, it’s almost complete.

and thanks to Chris (sainobyn) for telling me and mongoriller about it :slight_smile:

cant wait to see the final product Jesse, i know its gonna be awesome

okay, I applied for space.
what do I do after that? wait for an E-mail?

Yeah, you should get an email from schalicto. (Josh Parker)

Do you know how to code HTML? And you also need to download an FTP such as Fetch or Filezilla.

okay, where could I download Fetch or filezilla?

Well if you’re running on Windows I recommend Filezilla, if you’re running on Mac you can use either Fetch or Filezilla. I use mac and I prefer Filezilla, but they both work.





Let me know if you have any questions about anything.

Okay, you should have an email from me with the info.

Thanks mongoriller for being so awesome ;D

Thank YOU for being so awesome!

But, I am pretty awesome too, lol.

thank you. also I am having trouble signing in. I type in my password correctly then there is a slot for initial directory what would I type in there?

Josh is so awesome. He even hosts my contest site! Next years site will be even better since I didn’t really like the last one. I’ve got an ace up my sleeve! Right Brian. You had better learn quick! lol

Did you get this figured out?

And I know I have a few more requests for space waiting, I just got back from vacation and you’ll be getting an email from me tomorrow with the info.