Im curious about a 7075 throw that they have but it looks like a yoyorec throw so I dont want to buy a knock off

I have a YYA 1937 V2 (7075) & it’s amazing, plays like a $150+ throw for half the price. I switched the bearing for a OneDrop 10 ball and the response for some YYF size IR pads - perfect ;D.

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They dont sell knock offs. Many yoyos looks similiar, but they all play different.

I have a 1937 as well, and I was very pleasantly surprised with its design. I also replaced the bearing with a KK and found it to be a very smooth & reasonably stable YoYo. Nice engraved design they decided to use is simple yet elegant, though I wished they would have attempted to anodize some color into it. For the price I paid, I would recommend buying one for sure.

I have no real complaints with it at all. I know they just released a second run of them, so they must be popular to some degree.

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I personally dislike this yoyo. Too much rim weight, it kinda stick to my hands upon throw, but that’s just me.

I have a 1937 and a Shooter.

the Shooter is the perfect grinder.
Like. So good.
It reminds me of a 52dia Clashcube.
but with much better grinding!

1937 plays super nice for sure.
fast, smooth, really has this strength and power to it!

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Where did you find this?

Google :smiley:

Google sells yoyos now?! :o

yeah you just type in what you want, Its amazing!!

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Good for 3A, that’s about it IMO.
It feels really sluggish to me.

Slade Riggs haha