Anyone have suggesions for how to do over-under-boing-boing


The title says itself.


my best two pieces of advice are to
1 start slow and gradually gain speed and smoothness
2 play around with chopstix… it really helps with anything that requires close proximity with your fingers


Use a yoyo with less friction around the bearing. Wide and metal yo-yos make it a lot easier.


thanks for the advice


To get the under-boings, you use mostly the same up-and-down motion with your throwhand, but you have to position your throwhand lower (closer to your non-throwhand). It might help to practice doing just under-boings by themselves instead of trying to alternate over/under. Let the yoyo hang in the mount below your non-throwhand and use the same motion and rhythm with your throwhand to do the under-boings (note that the yoyo will not bounce from string to string in the under boing, it will just stay in the mount). Once you get that down, alternating over/under should be easier.


You have to go very slow and just move it around eventually it will slowly get faster.


I actually just got this trick.

(Assuming you were watching Andre’s video, and you are proficient at regular boings) I found that you get the best result if you move your hand down when the yoyo is at its farthest or closest distance.
At first, just practice only over boings, or under boings.

And remember, even though your hand is moving down, the rhythm of the boings still stay the same. If you change the rhythm, the trick looks really un-smooth.

H.T.H (TEAmPownage)


lower your yoyo hand finger. Keep the motion going


first don’t do the over/under motion, instead, do it moving your finger

it came to me all together with the boing itself, at some point I couldn’t do the simple boing, the next moment I could do it consistently and also do the over/under.

go figure.


recorded a video tutorial yesterday about Boing & over/under, give it a try,36251.0.html