over under boing-e-boing

alright so I finally get the trick for the most part, but when I go “under” it likes to bind up and smash my fingers. any help? it seems like there’s slack that gets caught up.

That will go away with practice. Its all about keeping the boing motion fast and smooth. Try doing an under boing first before moving to over/under. That helped me nail it. Good luck and keep practicing!

This is one of the best tricks ever, congrats on persevering!

You’re moving your TH between two points in space for boing-e-boing. The trick for the “under” is to find two new points in space and switch in and out of them crisply. There is a feel to it just like boing-e-boing. You can feel when you need to change the motion to avoid binding. You’ll get it with practice. Tighter string gaps certainly make you learn the trick better!