Anyone has a review on the YYJ Revolution?

Is it worth it? Is it floaty,speedy, or chunk on the string?

Another question, How does the Dv888 play (floaty, speedy, heavy, slow)?

ever heard of something called the search bar?
ironically its 2 inches above the “new topic” button

Better than the Dv888… :wink:

I hated it personally.

Before I made the topic I used the search button, there was only 1 review.

I’ve also tried the search function on this and other popular yoyo sites. There aren’t any detailed reviews of this thing yet. In addition, 99% of the search results come back with threads about ‘Revolutions’ as in, the yoyo trick.

Maybe you should follow your own advice and try the search function before you jump on someone about asking a question.


I agree, there has been one review and I don’t think it had much about the play or the generic sounding, Oh it doesn’t play fast, but it’s not like a clunker or something. Uh yeah, I just went and read it, it didn’t have much on the speed or anything.

Also this thread could have people who own a Revolution but haven’t provided a review could come in and provide their take on how it plays.

I’m curious to hear more thoughts on this yo as well. It has a good price and its specs are in line with a solid performing yo, but I haven’t read anything beyond the 1 review about it.

its not the fastest but it can play fast

I hardly doubt that. I’ve used a Revolution. DV888 beats it IMO. DV888 is my current throw.

To me, I don’t really think it’s this big. I mean, it’s not like YYJ is the first to think that there could be 2 different bearing types in 1 yoyo. We’ve all thought about it. But what is the real advantage? I would pretty much keep it on C all the time. Other than that, I’m not sure on the whole New stability thing, but aside from that, It looks like a typical YYJ hybrid.

I want nothing of it.

They are both C-sized bearings. One is just wider.

Stop being such a prick…
seriously, I have found 2 reviews on this forum for the revolution. Why don’t you try the search button?
You came to the forum around 3 days ago, and you’re already talking as if you are a moderator. Seriously, you aren’t better then anyone, you aren’t a mod, you aren’t an eXpert, you don’t have the right to demoralize an individual asking for opinions. Quite frankly, most of your 30 summit posts have no point. Quite frankly, I’m surprised you haven’t been banned yet. If your post doesn’t contribute, don’t post. You need to earn your respect here, we don’t know you and if you don’t step in line, we don’t care…

OT: All metal rimmed yyj’s are awesome, of course, the latest metal rimmed takes a whole new step in versatility. I think of the revolution as a non-slimline flying v.

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I got a chance to play with the Revolution today and in my opinion it plays much different than the three other yyj hybrids I own. The yoyo doesn’t have as soft a landing at the bottom of the string due to the metal throughout the body. It feels very heavy and solid and is fast. It is also very stable. I really like this yoyo