Ok, you all hate my yoyo reviews, (The YYJ Karma) so here I go-

   1) I am [u]NOT[/u] posting specs, if you want tosee them, go look at the yoyo on your own right here- http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/34/YYF-DV888

   2) This is MY review, so I will make it how I want.  8)

   So I go to the local toy shop (The one where I hold  yoyo meets with other yoyoers in FL), and zoom right to the yoyos. To my surprise, they have G5's, protostars, Loop 900's and DV888s.

I order the DV, and grab a string, and start to yoyo. Th first thing is, the yoyo, is incredibly smooth.
And fast. And cool.

                             The End
                             (you should buy one)
                             (by the way, you are all jealous, because mine is one of the kind (it's number 3360)

Yup, one of a kind, just like my Aqua dv888 from batch 3360

What’s not to like about your review? Nothing.

After reading this, I sooo wanted to read his YYJ Karma review.

There were nice people in that forum who are nicely telling/teaching you how reviews should be. And I am not a master of everything, I do learn things when I listen to people who are trying to teach.

But then again… if you don’t want to take good advice then that’s completely up to you.
But don’t feel attacked or feeling that people hate you when they are just nicely trying to teach you.

NEVERTHELESS!, I am NOT going to be against you because this is your post and you do have the right to review how you want to review. =D