Anyone else skimboard?


I’m just getting into it, started less than a week ago. I love it!!! Right now I’m using my new Apex board. Just added a stomp pad and new wax as well. So anyone else? Right now I am doing mostly beginner stuff (fs and bs shuv, body aerials, $ex changes) and I’m trying(and failing) to do an Ollie and big spin.


I would love to do any sort of water sport like that
But I live in Ohio


I started skimming a lot about 6 years ago. I built a little set-up in my backyard with a tarp. It worked well but I don’t have a yard anymore…


I love skimming! But I don’t know any tricks besides the basic jump on the board and slide down the beach into another wave… Dang 1 week vacation a year…

(Owen) #5

Lol I tried once but fell… Then I tried again and fell. Not my thing


So you tried two times… And gave up… judgement

(Owen) #7

haha well i tried it a bit more than 2 times, i just didnt really enjoy it too much. I fell on my back far too often for my tastes.


Always lean forwards!


Knda self explanatory, I mean come on now nemyo xD