Anyone else learning Chinese?

Im in my second year, but my school moves pretty slow.

I’m fluent in Fujianese.

I am chinese

I am on my 9th year of Chinese been learning it since kindergarten and am going to china in April for 2 weeks

Everyone thinks im Chinese… :-\ Just cause I am learning it and I am asian dosn’t mean im chinese…Im Korean…

I worked at a Chinese wedding last night, and it was quite interesting. The bride was Chinese and the groom was American.
After one of the Chinese bridesmaides said grace for the reception meal one of the American girls, who was around 5 or 6 years old, said “what did she say?!?!” REALLY loud. It was pretty funny.

I’ve always wanted to learn Mandarin Chinese.

The only teacher I could find here was quite far away and very expensive - so I didn’t get much further than the real basics (eg. Hello. How are you? Etc.). Would love to carry on though.

I’m Chinese :smiley: I live in Hong Kong ;D There is a physical yoyo store there. Lucky me :slight_smile: