I Love chinese Food

Get this song stuck in your head pople


Go get a sandwich. :smiley:


You don’t know how to Skip Rope!


Its like Rebbecca Black all over again.


i remember this song from second grade.

im a sophomore in high school now.

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

I was hoping this would be a thread where we could gush over how tasty American Chinese food is. The world needs more forum threads like that.

Then lets make it one lets talk about Chinese food

Americanized Chinese food in general is atrocious (Panda Express or Pei Wei). Even Americanized Thai food is better. I usually cook it myself or eat at home. Now there are many delicious Chinese cuisine in the US but I prefer being able to adjust it to my liking.

I’m so glad I have many co workers from China who can point me to where real Chinese food is ^ ^

who doesn’t like going to an American Chinese restaurant and feeling the msg clog your throat and become cancer as it slides into your stomach…


But I like Chinese food even though I think its different in India. But I love noodles and chop suey.

I find it funny when people talk about Chinese food an I understand little to none of what they are talking about since the translation or name they give it is way off the mark.