Anyone else feel like the forum has seen a downspike in activity from 2017?

It may just be me, but I feel like there aren’t as many people coming onto the forums anymore. Why do you guys think this is?

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It’s cyclical. Interest in the forums ebbs and flows. It’s been this way since the beginning of time on every yoyo forum I’ve known going back to yomania in the mid to late 90s I believe.

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Ive simply been throwing more, making strings, and posting a bit less. Teaching myself how to art in digital, and quietly making progress behind the scenes.

So how does one “art”?

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Learning Adobe Illustrator from scratch, cracking logo design ( surprizingly difficult to correctly condense info into one simple balanced symbol) and general graphic design for a few Tshirts and several stickers. Working with Wacom tablets for the first time. Learning how to make pen and paper sketches into usable vector art. I really want to unveil some of the designs ive been working on, but they are not quite ready… Getting closer every day.

So yea, Im learning how to art in digital.

Social media. If, people are on Reddit, IG and FB for other things anyway, they’ll probably get their yoyo content there too.

yes, id say social media (instagram in particular) and reddit have taken a large portion of former-forum contributers (like myself).

you may also notice that youtube videos are all but dead. instagram is easier for both being involved in the community and posting content, and reddit is the better platform for partaking in forum-like discussion without censorship (for example i can mention non-yoyoexpert retailers without fear on reddit), so the forum is stuck in the middle.

I fell off the rails once most of my immediate yoyo friends quit posting. I check in every now and then but I simply don’t care about mailbox junkies and the newest and greatest spinny-bit anymore.