Anyone buying something on Yoyoexpert later today?


FWIW, that $140 I spent on a TiVayder wasn’t going to go towards my YYE budget because YYE doesn’t carry TiVayders.

It’s kinda like buying a movie from some random dude in Family Video (suck it, Blockbuster) instead of from the store because they don’t stock that particular movie.


But then you walked out of the store without buying something, which you had a greater chance of doing if that dude wasn’t there to sell you that movie…

I see both sides of the argument.

Andre was in a tough spot, a lose lose situation, this starts a bad precedent to allow sales projects on his board but if he would have shut down it would have been a bad look in the public’s eye.

This project opened all the cans of worms.


This is everything right here :point_up_2:


Well, he allows you to post videos of your drops and stuff too. I view this place as more of a conglomerate of yoyo fans rather than as zealots for the YYE brand.

While there is huge interest in the Ti-Vayder, it doesn’t interest everyone, and I am sure that the people who buy the Ti-Vayder will eventually buy more yoyos from YYE. At the very least the profits are being trickled down to Andre’s endeavors, and whether he appreciates the burden or not, it still ultimately helps him.

It saddens me that this yoyo is somehow doomed to endless controversy.


Controversy helps sell it.

Yeah I believe my videos do ride close to that line as well, most of them are just vlogs documenting the journey of G2 and not really promoting selling things.


@AndreBoulay has been in the loop since the same day that I was and can verify that. He could have squashed this at ANY point and still can.

As far as I know, Andre was allowed to call the shots on $20k being donated to better this community. I’m sure the project will affect YYE sales. I’m also sure that Andre is a rather talented businessman and inevitably the financial impact that this project has on his business in regards to allowing it to exist on his forum was and is no one’s choice but his. His track record leads me to believe that this was the right call for the community as a whole, and I have trust in him in regards to what’s best for this community.

I (and I’m sure @codinghorror too) am personally very gracious that he chose to allow such a grey area project to exist on his forum, and hope nothing but the best for the program created by this project.


This doesn’t mean that he was ok with it, as he clearly stated:

There are a lot of excuses as to how things played out, trying to make them seem to be ok. In the end, it was a big grey area, that like Jake mentioned either benefited YYE to try to grow this hobby, or the funds went else where.

Personally, backing someone into a corner isn’t an ok thing to do. If the plan was to give the profits to YYE from the beginning it should have been coordinated MUCH better than what it was. It could have been coordinated much better.


I agree with you there. This all could have been coordinated wayyyyyyyy better.

By the time I even knew this was a thing prototypes had already been made.

I think that Jeff is an incredibly high energy and capable man that has means to make things happen when he wants them to.

With that said, no yoyo store authority in the US (and maybe the world) is higher ranking than Andre, and the choice to allow this to exist was and is still his.

At the end of the day, I’m just the designer of the Ti Walker. Jeff and Andre are the ones letting this happen. I respect them both immensely, and am just doing what I can upon their requests.


May be a question for @codinghorror, but say Andre right now says to delete the main TiVayder threads, to dissuade future things from happening, does he still get the profits?

I mean what has happened has already happened, but had he stopped them near the beginning would there still be a “YoYo Club Grant Program”?

Those are definitely Jeff questions. I wish I could help.

I’d like to think that between the $20k being injected into the club program and all the good will fostered (with follow-on sales in the future) by allowing the forums to be the hub for the TiVayder’s development and release, that YYE ultimately comes out ahead in the long run over this.


I think we all agree on that


Frankly it’s a shame this thread exists.
You think CH couldn’t do this on his own, Wrong. Look up his credentials he quite literally made the internet a better place.
He did this project for the good of the community, one we’re all a part, we’re all benefiting from this venture. The biggest benefactor has got to be @HVizier probably second biggest benefactor is YYE. Allowed it to happen here, more like lucky it happened here.
I may not buy something here today, but next week, month, and years too follow I will buy it here.
The road to hell is paved with good intentions.


Made this forum a better place also, continues to do so. Let’s stop :poop:ing on the man


I’m not trying to :poop: on anything. I do think open conversation like this on the forum is good. Keeps ppl engaged and participation is needed for a forum to work.


Emojis make everything better lol.


Well yeah exactly. We’re all here to celebrate the awesomeness that is yo-yo. Having it center around a store hub just means more long term sales for the store. Why wouldn’t you want YYE to be the center of the yo-yo galaxy, even though obviously you can’t possibly sell every yo-yo to every human being on earth?


@codinghorror also made the software for this forum. :smile:

Another one is Stack Overflow which is akin to the Bible if you are a programmer.


I could be wrong, but I think that’s exactly what @Egon was referring to?

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I’m just saying let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth. But I’m new here, it looks like people both like and welcome this type of debate. All parties can both speak for and defend themselves so I’ll bow out.
But not before I say this:
The TiVayder drop was the coolest and most anticipated release of the modern era. IMO