Anyone around?

Could really use someone to talk to.


Hey… some bad stuff now, haven’t stopped crying all day… dunno if I want to post the details here. But stretched to my limits and dealing with the fact I am treated as a worthless person

I hope you feel better Sarah.
I hopefully you’ll have a better day tomorrow

Not likely…

I’ll keep you in my prayers :pray:

I will also pray for you. If you need someone to talk to I can listen! Even though I have no idea who you are I know how sometimes life gets rough and it’s hard to see the light

Yeah, I hope you feel better! I mean, I had depression a while ago and I just stopped doing everything

Wow. I’ll listen and talk to you. I hope things get better somehow. You know, if you want to pm or text someone here you can always click there name and find out how to reach them. I wouldn’t mind and I believe those who answered wouldn’t mind either. But I really hope things get better for you