Itll be alright


Hey yall.

Well, lol idek where to start.

Life is not easy. Id just like everybody know if your havin a bad day or are depressed, on that edge. That you are not alone, there are millions of us out here that feel the same way. And i know that giving up seems soooooo easy, but giving up would be a waste. There are so many smiles that have yet to spring from our faces. Sadness doesnt last forever. It is temporary.and in time it will fade.

Like stuff realllll poopy for me right now all i wish is that i could blink and fast forward to a better part in my life, but then i realize im only 20 and that things arent always bad. Like yeahhh, they wont get better anytime soon, but a few years from bow im gunna be laughing at all of this.

Feel free to pm me if anyone needs to talk, ill even give you my number for a more direct way of communicating.
Peace and love yall - sammy


Yeah just lost my job… But I agree. It’ll get better. I got a brand new throw in the mail on the way in on what ended up being my last 45 mins of a 7 year job cycle. Wow. I feel amazingly free but terrified at the possibilities. Whew. Sup life !!! Keep ya head up. Blessings in disguise, right.?.?.? :wink:


Even on the worst of days, there’s always some little thing that brings a smile to your face and that’s worth celebrating. Stay positive, people!



Yuss, exactly. Pros always outweigh cons.



I like the mood of this post.

We all have to bring ourselves out of our ruts and live as happily as possible. We only have one, right?

Hope everything works out guys.


Absolutely. Despite my own issues, I wish everyone the best & positive vibes while dealing with their/our troubling times.