Four, roller coaster months of unemployment, ended today.

(InvaderDust) #1

Wow. This last 1/3 of a year has been nuts. Ive been all over the map from elated and relaxed fora month, to focused and motivated (obsessed?) for a month, to starting to really look for gainful employment for a month, and then really struggled. I struggled pretty bad with losing perspective and self worth. I had an amazing supportive group of people around me allowing me to figure some things out as depression sunk its toxic dark fangs into my soul. It was a for real struggle. However it paid off today when I started a new job at a competitive car audio place. Benefits, salary, PTO, even commission, its a pretty sweet deal! Excited to double my best yearly take home. ;D

I know some will be happy to hear, others could care less, but I really felt the need to share the good news and give an update. Recently Ive been pretty active along the forums and with the whole Heart Strings movement. Ill now be working alot and will be active a bit less than I have been recently. Not to worry! These changes are very welcome and will really allow me to repay in spades to my incredible wife for her amazing attitude and unwaivering support during my time of down-ness. I got really depressed there for a second. But its true. It really is darkest right before the dawn.

Anyway, if you see me around a bit less, thats why. 45 hours a week, im slinging sub woofers, remote starts, and window tint like whoa.

(Choncworth) #2

Congrats man! Continually moving forward and doing your best to stay positive is key.
Glad to hear things are looking up!


Congrats Dust! It’s good to hear you found a new place of employment. It’s even better that you sound excited for it! Good luck and I hope you enjoy it! :blush:


Good luck in your new job.


That’s great news. Glad things are looking up. :slight_smile:


Glad to hear this. It is somewhat cliche, but I have been through that wringer many times and it has always become an opportunity in disguise. Next time may you stay strong and fight those self doubts with a clearer understanding of your true worth and greater appreciation of your inner strength and tenacity :slight_smile:

We’re not happy until you’re not happy! *<B{Q>


I remember when you mentioned losing your job a while back, and I had wondered if you’d found new employment. Thanks for the update, and GL with the new gig!

I hope you find some time to keep twisting up some strings. I have really enjoyed mine!


Yep, I was laid off and worked a few contract jobs for a couple of years before I landed a far superior position. Never would have seen that opportunity had I stayed in the original job. In some respects I became complacent in the original position. Getting laid off made me re-evaluate what I wanted to do and how to go about it.

(InvaderDust) #9

Thanks everyone! Much love from this guy <3


Being in between jobs is always a stressful place to be. But as folks have pointed out (and as you experienced yourself), it can also be the opportunity to find yourself in a new place you’d never have gotten to otherwise.

Glad you found yourself something cool.