Anybody need help with some tricks?


This is for everybody, but I don’t know every trick. But if you ask for help on a trick I do know then I would be happy to give advice. Keep in mind, you also need to tell me what you are having trouble with.

(David Hough) #2

I’m having trouble with Spirit Bomb. I can’t seem to hop the yoyo high enough to cross my hands for the first hop and when I do the second hop, my throw hand thumb is not in the right position to open the triangle. There’s an extra twist around the aforementioned throw hand thumb.


Sorry, don’t know that trick

I guess you could say I’m more on the beginner to intermediate side of tricks

(Ken) #4

Keep your hands parallel when doing spirit bomb. It’s not a very common element so you don’t NEED to master it. It’s just a fun trick to do casually as it isn’t convenient in maintaining flow when used in combos.

(David Hough) #5

Does anybody have any Iron Whip tips? I can catch the yoyo but I keep hitting the gap with the wrong end of the slack loop.


This always happens to me too! I’m getting better…

Of course, make sure the string tension is neutral. Also try slowing the whip motion down just a bit, and make sure your leading the motion with the segment that’s pinched between your TH thumb and forefinger. In other words, aim that segment at the gap. Make the motion a bit circular.


I’ve always found that string tension is definitely important with this trick, as well as not whipping to quickly. It works better for me when the string glides around… now the Jade Whip is something I’m more inconsistent with even though the concept is pretty much the same :frowning:

(Thomas Bellotti) #9

Im having trouble knowing where to go? I just started a week ago and I’m starting to get comfortable with my throw.

I’ve got trapeze pretty consistently, split the atom sloppily, mach 5 barely, and been working on my split bottom mount.

I’m just confused as to what to be practicing. I just keep doing the same handful of things, which is good, because I’m far from perfecting them, but I just don’t really understand whats next.

Do I just pick a truck and YouTube it, then practice that. Work on mounts? Just keep on these ones I understand til they’re clean?

There’s so many ways to go I end up going nowhere lol. Sort of a paralysis by analysis.

Any help is much appreciated


Check out [online store link removed]… and go through the ‘first 50 tricks’ section (that’s how I got started).

You can record/check off which tricks you have learnt, whilst having a clear progression path with which tricks to learn next. I learn a new trick once I got my newest trick 75% consistent (whilst still practicing older tricks) - maybe 2-3 weeks between each new trick.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many things at once, as I’ve done this with other hobbies and burnt myself out!

The good thing with [online store link removed] I found is that they now have sections dedicated to a specific yoyo concept, so you can start building the foundations of a concept whilst learning more complex stuff using it,

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(Jim Honaker) #11

I know what you mean by being overwelmed and not know where to go next. It was already mentioned to try the “first 50 tricks”. However you are on @YoYoExpert, why not go through the trick list. It will take you quite far, that is how I started.

(Thomas Bellotti) #12

Thanks for the tips guys, appreciate it.

I’m using the level up system, and it’s great, don’t get me wrong, I just feel like I haven’t grasped the idea behind different tricks.

It seems like if I can actually understand what’s going on, I could build on that to form a whole line. I watch videos of people and it seems like they’re doing more than just trick A, trick B, trick C. Idk I’m probably making no sense at all.

Basically I suck, and Im reading and watching and practicing in the hope I will suck less

Gonna get into the first 50 list and focus on that. Thanks everyone!


I know what you mean… its the difference between going from one trick into a set of tricks (or a combo). You will find when watching single tricks tutorials they will teach you to reset back into a trapeze or a bind. All you need to do is work out what tricks you can do from the position before the trapeze/bind (of the trick you are doing), or what you can do after returning to the trapeze.

So as an example, I might do (apologies if I get the names wrong) ‘Matrix’, into ‘Cold Fusion’ into ‘Eli Hops’ into ‘Kwyjibo’.

The ‘Matrix’ gets me back into a double or nothing, where I can do ‘Cold Fusion’, when I exit ‘Cold Fusion’ into a trapeze I then start my ‘Eli Hops’ and when I go to catch my third/fourth hop I convert it into ‘Kwyjibo’.

I’m not expert - I’ve only been a thrower for a year causally, but this is how I practice…

Hope this helps!

(Thomas Bellotti) #14

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does anyone have any whip type tips?


I need to see that combo


I’ve only been throwing casually for a year… can’t imagine it looks as amazing as you might expect :slight_smile:


Well, Eli Hops are one of my favorite tricks to show to people! So just because that’s in there, I think it’s awesome :sweat_smile: Also, to boost your confidence, I practice maybe 6 hours a day, 9 if I have free time, and hear this, I’m still working of Cold Fusion, and I don’t know Matrix or Kwijobo. So…


Oh, and while I’m still on this thread, Im having much trouble with Cold Fusion, and it’s at the end, when you push the string into the yoyo a second time, how do I release into the trapeze?

(Ken) #20

It’s tough, I used to get into a reverse trapeze all the time when I was learning that trick. Try untwisting your wrist a little when doing the whip motion so the other string segment can be exposed to land in the gap.

(Ken) #21

When doing whips, try doing things that generate momentum like a pinwheel before a hook. For whips where the yoyo is stationary like the whip to kamikaze from an already mounted trapeze, whips can be a little more difficult without the movement of generating momentum. Try pinching strings a little farther up than usual so more slack can be released; allowing more space to do the whip(s).