Anybody know what the "23" on the OneDrop Rally box means?

(major_seventh) #1

^^^ I’ve been wondering for some time.



I’m pretty sure the box is supposed to be like a race car look. The number is random I’m guessing


It’s numbered
Of how many were made


There’s a lot more than 23 Rallys, my friend. I’m pretty sure they just picked a number at random. 23 is on all of the boxes.


Yeah it’s like a number on a car. But it’s 23 because the Rally was our 23rd model :slight_smile:

(WildCat23) #6

I just can’t believe you guys are already up to 23 models! I think you had just done Project 2’s when I came onto the scene.


Just for y’all wondering what they all are. So many pretty throws…


I remember the live chat when the P2 was dropping. INSANE.


Yep! Good times…