Anybody here working in EMS?

So yeah as the title states, is there anyone who throws and works in EMS here? Paramedic, EMT, Firedog, First responders, psshhh even cops are welcome to answer etc?
I’m in the process of getting hired for an ambulance company, I’d like to know if you find any time to throw, is it looked down upon, do you even carry it with you, are you “allowed” to throw? I’d just like to be ready mentally, and know whether my career is going to hinder my hobby. :-[
Thanks in advance.

If that’s a concern maybe you should look to a new career.

I’ve been an EMT for almost 6 years and have been apart of my town’s first aid squad for going on 7. My town is volunteer based so you go and respond when you want to and don’t when you don’t so I have plenty of time to throw. A typical EMS call usually takes about 2 hours so its only 2 hours of your day that you are giving up. I have carried yoyo’s with me to calls by attaching them to my belt with a holder. But I don’t recommend yoyoing while others are doing CPR next to you.

Ahaha, I think you’re right, it’d be rude to throw in that circumstance.
Thank you for your answer.
I’m also wondering if carrying it around in my belt with a holster would be a good idea, i dont want it to be getting caught on the gurney or something. You ever have any problem like that?

I try to avoid carrying my yoyo on first aid stuff because I’m afraid of it banging into something and getting scratched. But it shouldn’t get caught on anything. Just don’t use a long holder. Use one that keeps the yoyo close to your body.