Anybody have an El Ranchero?


If so, please pm me, I have a couple questions.


I’ll hopefully recive one on friday! I’ll let you know


Looks like shipping is late. Not arrived yet, unfortunately :frowning:


Got mine now!
Long story short, its awsome.
It does feel alot lighter than it really is (68 grams). Great spin times, awsome stability. I wouldn’t say its floaty, but again, i’ve really struggled to find a truly floaty yoyo. Even the Sky Walker isn’t anything “wow” for me in those terms. Those flat rims make you think that this thing doesn’t have any catch-zone at all, though it really does!
A truly awsome player. And the looks are stellar IMO. Its funny this thing haven’t got more attention, really.

Now, if anyone could give me some feedback on the Sentinel…


I should probably also add that the finish is suprisingly grindable. It looks really shiny, so you would imagine it “sticking”, but its not that bad, considering the finish it got. I’m not a big grinder, so i havent tested it thoroughly though.
4th post in a row by me here. Lol.


What color did you get. Sorry, I was kinda in trouble for being on here too much latley. Ahem, yeah…
Do around 15 posts a day, and in the 2 months I have been here, I have spent 5 days and 4 hours on here…



Got the bronze one!
I have 5 days and 1 hour now