Anybody else think the Duncan raptor's shape resembles the peak?

Or just me?

Yeah, both are nice organic shapes. Not exactly the same though.

No. They’re just both organic. That’s it.

The Peak looks a a bit more rounded on the ends. The Raptor doesn’t as much.

All organicly shaped yoyos look alike.

I can see it a little bit now that you mention it. It is more noticeable the closer you get to the gap. The rims are not as similar but the high walled gaps are quite close.

It’s as if the two machine shops are run by witches.

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Peak has always been shaped close to the dark magic in my mind

To me the Peak is almost like a 401k and hitman had a baby, oh wait…

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I actually watched a review for the Raptor on YouTube, and the reviewer compared it to the Peak…and thought that they were very similar. I was like, “No way! A $40 Duncan is a lot like a CLYW? Awesome!”


I’ve always thought the Hugo z Hor was more resembling.

Back in the '90s we would have referred to them both as"yoyo shaped". Now they call that shape “organic”. YYE sells about 50 different throws that are that same shape. They all still sell 'cause it’s still a great old shape.

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Not really…

But I’d like to try a Raptor sooner or later.