Big Yo Resembles DM2


I have a Big Yo, and today I noticed that it looks a lot like a DM2. I don’t have a DM2, nor have I thrown one, but I certainly know the shape. Anybody else seen this connection between these throws?


A Giraffe looks like a horse.


Personally, I think the BigYo much more closely resembles the original Dark Magic.


Oh really? I have never seen the shape of the original DM.


Its funny because they look almost exactly the same :smiley: ive owned both


Just like a marble (DM2) resembles a Basketball (Bigyo)…

Rephrase your question, The SHAPE is similar…


That’s exactly what he was saying…

He is talking about the shape.


Thank you for clearing that up, good sir.




There’s only a finite number of workable yoyo designs. That shape just happens to be very common because it works so well.

There’s many other yoyos that share the shape.