Any yoyo joy to be had in Vegas? At all?

I’m going to be stuck in Vegas next week. Seriously, been a few times and I could do without, but I definitely want to do everything I can to help my employers, and I’m a pretty good trade show staffer. :wink:

So while I’m stuck there, I will probably work during the day, have dinner, and then go back to the hotel and play yoyo on the roof (Eli Hops practice, here I come!). Is there anything else I can do that’s yoyo related in Vegas?

I live in Las Vegas and there is next to no yoyo scene here, unfortunately. There was a kendama demo/contest a few weeks back that I unfortunately missed because I was on vacation in Colorado visiting my family, but there really isn’t a large yoyo scene. You could always put out a hat on the street and yoyo and try to get people to tip you, I’m sure you could actually make some good money doing this depending on the day/night of the week that you’re out. I’ve taken some nice videos throwing in front of the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada” sign on the south end of the strip (down past Mandalay Bay) and also taken some cool videos throwing in front of the Bellagio fountains.

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Thanks, N8. Good to hear it from a local even if the news is “Nope, nothin’.”

Rooftop practice it is. :wink:

Yeah, sorry for the letdown! Rooftop practice can always be fun! It’s getting warm enough here that you can probably stay out on the roof all night and look at the pretty lights without getting too cold. I work night shift in a hospital and I generally take my lunch sometime between 1 and 4 AM. I usually end up out on the roof of the parking garage throwing and looking at the lights of the strip. In January and February it wasn’t too bad, just a little chilly (20’s-30’s Fahrenheit) but it’s a nice 60 or so all night now.

Haha, I’m coming from Ottawa, Canada. Admittedly colder than usual this year, but we’ve seen temperatures hovering around a “real feel” of 15. :wink: I’m sure it’ll feel balmy by comparison.

Oh yeah, get ready to sweat! :wink:

Are you going to NAB?

Yes, yes I am! Will you be there?

Nope, but my dad will!

I haven’t heard of anything specific in the Vegas area, but I have heard success stories from people who did the above^^

I been to vegas too there is only one thing i found in Nevada and that is Samuria comics they have a club there somewhere was unable to pinpoint location.

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