Any tricks that add flare?

Been looking for flare tricks preferably with slack elements. Anything is welcome though. Thanks!

You can integrate different movements into play like popping the yoyo up from different tricks that gives it a flare if you use it right but a flare to play is all about thinking outside the box and getting creative and put your stamp on a trick to make it " yours "

yuuki slack, kwijibo for double or nothing or double or nothing
revolution and figure 8 for 1/2 mount

I just learned Candy Slack… its a fun one
I also like Idiom from

Houdini lives. By far the best suicide ever.

“Flip flares” come to mind.

see 39 seconds roughly.
A quick little slack flip that I find is usefull for adding some depth and uniqueness to certain tricks that allow the move in a fluid way.

Worth experimenting with.


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What is that?:o

The second variation is the best  :slight_smile:


My favorite suicide that can be done from a normal trapeze. Not my all time favorite suicide, though.

Paul han lacerations maybe?