what are some really good slack tricks?

ive been yoyoing for a while and i need to add slack tricks to my combos.

Do you mean ALL tricks that have slacks?
Not all of these can be combined with tricks.
All of these exclude SIMILAR variables. Such as double laceration or backwards Ninja Vanish are excluded. But Suicide and 2.0 Suicide are very different tricks.
Note: I obviously do not have all the slack tricks.

Yuuki Slack
Trapeze slack
Hidemasa Hook
Hook 1.5
Hook 2.0
Hook 2.5
Hook 3.0
Hook 3.5
Hook 4.0 **
Wrist Whip
Brent Stole
Ninja Vanish
Ninja Vanish (variable)
Iron Whip
Jade Whip
Paul Han Laceration
Suicide 1.5
Double Suicide
1.5 mount suicides
Slack to Wrist Mount styleS. (Note the styleS. Plural. Example: Cheese Whip)
Slack to double or nothing
Slack to houdini mount

Yeah, in these 2 minuts I’m writing this post, those are the only ones I can think at the top of my head.

**= I think there are mroe Hooks.

tri the takahero lizoka slack very cool

the music is : edit by capsul
the yoyo : is the bist yoyo for ever : yyf yuuksta

thank for the list skeleton boy but i can doo all of those . does anyone know a turtoila for hipster whips

Yuuki Slack looks really awesome.

Well, the rest of your way to slack tricks are made up. Like Paul Han made his slack.

Make up your own. Gonna be fun. :smiley: