Any tips on filming alone?


I have no idea how to get my camera to hold still. I finally replaced my broken Velocity, so once again I get to be that annoying kid you want to punch in the face because of him bugging you about that stupid style of throwing he does. And you thought I quit… evil chuckle

Anyway, how do you get you cameras to hold still,


I use a miniature tripod that I sit on top of a stool or a milk crate.



I use a tripod and when that’s not on me I use a desk of some kind with the right height


You can do multiple things. Use tripod, tape, that grippy square thing, radioactive goo… But I like stacking books or boxes to the right hight and making sure it’ll stay steady for the shoot. Then if you care about making it look duper classy, you could later edit out the part where you walk in :slight_smile:


Tripods are an amazing invention. You might want to consider one of those. There’s also some odd models that will grip to odd surfaces, so that’s cool too.

ALSO, there’s an adaptor that can take the camera’s tripod mount and put it on a microphone stand. Way cool for me, since I have tiny cameras and loads of mic stands!

You also want a steady surface preferably a hard surface as well. If windy and on grass, that will blow around cameras and tripods.

Most cameras have some technology to stabilize the image a a bit. Turn that on.