The latest Airtraffic yoyo club vid

What do you think?

Good stuff! Keep’em coming. :slight_smile:

I like how many of the shots are dynamic. Moving the camera around during the trick. Keeps things interesting. One thing I’d look into is cheap and easy stabilization. Googling “DIY Steadicam” will give you some ideas, but here’s a really easy one:

Keep a tripod mounted to the camera. You can collapse the legs if you want. Then you hold somewhere around the head of the tripod instead of holding the camera itself. The extra weight pulling beneath the camera helps to fight shake and tilt. And when you DO tilt, it’s smoother and more deliberate looking.

Nice roundup of tricks, though, and I always enjoy “club environment” type videos. I like the social aspect of yoyoing even though I only meet up with significant groups of yoyoers a few times a year.

Glad you liked it.

Nice. One suggestion though, how 'bout suggesting to people to wear dark colored shirts ;D

Yea thats kind of a problem but theres not a whole lot I can do about that.