MAC huddle

Hi everybody.  This is our (Philip’s and mine) latest video.  We originally had about 7 minutes of edited video, but we had to delete some to make it less boring.  Expect a longer video, same background but slightly worse tricks, to be coming soon.  You might want to watch this in full screen.


Phillip (I’m assuming is the fellow in the hate) = Flow for daaaays. Your style is an absolute joy to watch man.

Stuart = Some seriously impressive slack and horizontal work man, I’m impressed.

That video had some very solid tricks in, I really enjoyed it.

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Thanks a lot. I’m going to assume you meant to say hat.

no gambit is just a mad hater…

You guys are so good. I’d love to see another collaborative video with variety of camera angles and tighter cropping on the yoyos (at least part of the time… the distance/perspective in this video is good, too).

I definitely see what you mean. For this video, we had semi-limited time and there was a nice table we could put the camera on(we don’t actually have a tripod).

okay easy way to make a tripod out of a man… take a long string tie it to your camera both ends to the camera mind you… then stand on the string to where when you hold it comfortably the string is taunt if you keep pushing up the string will keep it down and it stays level… kinda exhausting over time but it works ive done it many a time…

Hmmmm…interesting. This still requires you to have somewhat steady hand though.

I see why you’d think that, but it turns out that it’s not the case! Pulling on the string negates the need for fine muscle control. It works pretty well and is a well documented “in a pinch” technique. Give it a go!

Awesomeeeee, keep it up guys!

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