Cramazing Here is my new video! WITH A NEW CAMERA! Youtube made the quality a little blury. ANd my audio got disabled. But, Enjoy. Please comment and tell me what you think.

A little too long though…
And, I can’t see the string at the last part…

But still, great vid… :wink:

Dang Andrew! You’re getting so good! I really loved it! Just a few tips for the next video:

  1. A little shorter, just because soe may lose interest. A 2 minute video is perfect.
  2. Adjust the height of your camera, maybe so you can execute your tricks easier, without having to bend down. A tripod really helps.

okay thanks guys. I was acctually using a tripod.

good tricks, just work on your flow

string seems very long
maybe up your tripod a little

ok. I will try that.

Alright, just mabe adjust the height a bit. I still love the video.

how long have you been yoyoing?

thanks you ;D

11 months.

DUDE!!! That was so BEAST! Honestly that was really AMAZING! I wish I was as good as you… :-\

Nice yoyoing man! ;D

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thanks. that really means a lot.