Help making a video

So I wanted to make a vid using my iPhone 4s but can’t hold it and yoyo at the same time …does anyone have anyways to make homemade holders or something also would I movie work for editing thanks

Have someone else hold it.

Ideally, use something else that does have a camera tripod mount on it.

Here’s an idea:

And another:

Just some ideas.

thanks do u know any good editing apps for the iPhone I was thinking of I movie

I used my iPhone to record videos before. I kinda propped it on top of a table and hit record. A tripod would make things a lot easier though!

I used Splice, a free app I found. It was pretty intuitive and worked for my simple needs. There are a bunch of free apps out there.

I use Sony Vegas Pro for my video editing.

But, I also don’t record myself playing with the yoyo. It’s a courtesy I show to my cameras, as they shouldn’t have to suffer through someone as horrible as I am with the yoyo.