Any Throwers in Plano / Allen area?

I was suggested to start a club in the Plano / Allen area beginning with me and two of my friends that throw, but I’m not sure if there’s anyone else here. If you’re in the Plano / Allen area and willing to meet up regularly, could you post here?

I’m in Rowlett, about 12 miles away. How regularly? Like once a week, once every 2 weeks, once a month, etc.

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I plan to meet up at least once a month, and if possible, once every two weeks. We can also have informal meets any weekend when most people have nothing to do.

Check out lone star spinners. I’ve gone to two meets so far and they have a decently large following. Maybe 25-30 people each event. The club meets in the grapevine public library and while its a bit of a drive for me (I live in richardson) it’s very worth it to make it out.

I already went to Lone Star Spinners and plan to go again whenever I can, the problem is, it’s 35 minutes away and I won’t be able to make it everytime.

Yeah, this is something Dale and I were discussing at the last LSS meet up. There are a decent number of throwers on the Dallas side of DFW, especially north Dallas/Richardson/Plano. I think there are enough to justify separate meet ups outside of LSS. I just don’t have the time to organize and commit to anything extra at this time, but if someone else wants to start it up, I’d be down to meet up whenever I can.

LSS will continue in Grapevine for the foreseeable future, second Saturday of each month. Outside of that, you should definitely try and plan separate meet ups closer to where you live. Might encourage some others in your area to come out who don’t want to make the hike out to Grapevine.

Keep us posted!