Any Starcraft 2 players out there?


HELLO FRIENDS, I was looking for some people to play with. Like 2’s, 3’s, or maybe even 4’s. And tons of 1v1 practice.

Right now I’m a plat 1v1 protoss but actually have to play the recent
placement match.

If anyone wants to play, my username is McCando and my friend code is 242.

It’d be cool if we could all help each other improve regardless of league.


I used to be platinum 1v1 but I got demoted to silver in the last two seasons cuz I had trouble adjusting to the new HoTS unit comps. :’( :’( I play random. My username is Roystbeef and my player code is 218. hmu


Hehehe, the metagame in my opinion hasn’t changed much. Protoss is very hard to beat with early timings now and the deathball still exists. Zerg have the swarmhosts and vipers which punish turtling heavily but still usually go roach/hydra. Terran have a higher mech capabilities and positioning due to widow mines, and way higher drop harass.

Stuff like that. I really struggle with zerg and their swarmhosts and Terran split harassing. It’d be cool to work on it together. :slight_smile: