Any recommendations for a semi beginner?

I’ve just recently started Yoyoing, but have progressed quite a bit. I have a random brand off of amazon, and I want to upgrade soon. I am thinking of getting the canon, because I am interested in 5a. I am currently playing unresponsive with my Yoyo.

Hey! I’m going to assume you already know how to bind, and are comfortable with the very basics of sidestyle and fronstyle play (split bottom mount, barrel rolls, double or nothing, buddhas revenge, etc…). If this is the case, any unresponsive monometal will serve you just fine. Nowadays, there’s no better or worse performing yoyo if you’re at this level. I´d rather advice you to get the one that looks the coolest to you and gets you hyped to play with it. The Canon would be perfect for that if you like it (the extra counterweight is a nice plus).

Take a look at all the options available and settle for the one you think looks cool.

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I know all of those except Buddha’s revenge. I actually was just looking at YoYo tricks website, and I didn’t even realize there were so many brands of Yoyo. I definitely have a lot more to look into now.

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Try the clemency by topyo on aliexpress, its about $35 and is a 7075 bimetal made in 2018

Check out yoyoexpert’s store sorted by unresponsive. Good luck choosing only one!

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