Any pool players or fans here?


The last 8 years or so I’ve gone to the Derby City Classic to watch some amazing pro pool. Anyone recognize these guys?

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Sorry mate I do not


Bottom is Shane Van Boening, Top looks familiar but I’m not sure. Shane made the tournament winning shot for the Mosconi Cup after a long US drought just a few months ago!

I remember the first time I played was when I went on vacation with my relatives in Florida and they rented out a house that had a pool table. That was literally all I did when we weren’t out. My parents got me a pool table about 5 years ago and now I run the Billiards Club at my university so I definitely enjoy the game. Last year I was one place off from qualifying for collegiate nationals, hopefully I get it this year.


Mmmmm physics :drooling_face:

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I wish cues were as cheap as yoyos :sweat_smile:

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Hmmmmm my first thought on the top one was Efren, but definitely not. Don’t know him who is he?

Second is a legend.

Love me some pool. Hate crappy bar tables with torn felt and warped cues though.

All about that 9-ball.

P.S. cue hand glove is same as the your gloves in the magic drop starter pack things. I’ve got like five now haha


Same nationalaity as Efren. It’s a pic of Francisco Bustamante. He’s another hall of famer.

Now here’s another pic. The player is Scott Frost. But who’s the guy to his left that’s seated? Sitting next to the guy in the gray shirt. (The left gray shirt)

(Hint… think NASCAR)


Pretty much every pub here used to have a Pool Table, now it is a different story as finding one is definitely a rarity which is a shame because I really enjoy playing.

The best way to get good at Pool is to play Snooker for a bit on a full size table before returning to Pool, it is like playing a kid’s game!


The best way to get good at Pool is to play Pool. You don’t need to sharpen up by playing Snooker, hahaha.

Snooker players play Snooker. It is a completely different experience. The sticks are usually lighter. The balls are smaller. But the pockets openings are also smaller. The bounce off the rails is different. Down rail shots are much more difficult. Comparing Snooker to Pool is like comparing chess to checkers.

I started playing Pool when I was 6 years old. That was 61 years ago. I prefer Snooker to most other Pool games. But Snooker tables are few and far between around where I live. So it’s easier to find a good table and shoot some 9 Ball.

I actually worked for Ritchie Florence Custom cues; years ago. I was one of 3 people that built a very Custom Poolcue for Minnesota Fats(Rudolf Wanderone). It was presented to him as part of his gifts in honor of his Lifetime Achievement Award; presented to him during a Pool Tournament at the American Legion Hall in Hollywood. It was a Ebony 8 prong on Acid ectched Birdseye maple with 3 hard rock maple shafts. The shafts had ivory segmented rings. The buttpiece had a spiral of: ivory hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades. They were imbedded into the tailpiece after cutting cavity’s into the wood with a Gorton pantograph. And the buttpiece had a seamless leather grip.

I would agree that after shooting Snooker for awhile; that shooting on a regular table would be a lot more forgiving. But I have never personally known a single person that took up Snooker so they could sharpen up their Pool game.

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Here, in Italy, pool is a game for old people, that drink white wine and smoke small sigaras

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That story about making the cue for Fats is awesome dude. That thing sounds beautiful. Fats is a legend. But Fast Eddie should’ve won in that movie hahaha.

But seriously that’s awesome.

And I get what he’s saying about goinf from snooker to a smaller pool table. I agree that it’s probably an odd way to go, although I believe practicing on a full size pool table might be the way to get that same.e benefit while still practicing the sa.e game. Then jumping on a bar box with wide pockets seems like EZ-mode.

I really do need to play more


I paid for many a lunch in college with winnings from “quarter/fifty” nine-ball. Of course, playing pool in the student union all day didn’t leave much time for class.

I’m told my grandfather got to play an exhibition game against Minnesota Fats one time (and lost terribly so the story goes). But that may just be family legend…

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Ooooor… just play 14:1 straight on a 10’

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The Minnesota fats had a cue that was curved, he used it to his advantage which is why anytime I see someone eyeballing a stick or rolling it around on the felt I creep in for a kill.


Those first two pics I posted are a Diamond 10’ table.


I’ve been playing since I was 5 or 6, so 32/33 years now. My Grandfather played with Minnesota, and was friends of Dallas West, I’m good friends with Dallas’ brother.

Working on my basement now, once it’s completed a pool table will be one of the first items to be setup in it.

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^^ super jealous.

Can’t wait til I’ve got a place with room for a table.

Definitely recruit some buddies to help installing that thing lol. That slate is HEAVY.

My dad owned a pool hall when I was young and when he closed we removed and sold the tables. All 20 of the full size Brunswick’s. Brutal.

Totally worth the trouble though for a man cave with a table. Good luck with the basement dude!