Brining back the "yoyo" (story)

Okay, I have been a member of a Private Pool for longer than I can remember, literally I don’t remember my first time ::)…

Anyways, this pool is what got me into YoYoing, a friend into YoYoing, and many many other kids there ;).

So I thought I’d share it because, today was a cleanup day (get our chairs tables paint clean ect.), and I saw two kids, seen them around but never met them, and they both were YoYoing. It amazed me that people were still YoYoing. I thought after last year the kids would get bored of it, but I guess not.

So- this is the story of how me and others got into YoYoing…

It all started last year, late May.

I had learned to yoyo the year before that, but didn’t have a yoyo. I used a friend of mines YYJ Sunset Trajectory. Man that thing was awesome! I learned to do forward pass and some other things I can’t quite remember, nothing fancy just the basics.

So I learned to throw year before last. Then after the pool closed I loved the hobby so much I decided to ask for a yoyo on my birthday (February). I was kept busy with my brothers ONE and Protostar.

So the time came, it was my birthday!!! I got a Plastic Grind Machine, green with black rings and black stacks. Being a little younger I just wanted the stacks… They were so cool!

Then I played yoyo for a little while, then got bored, didn’t touch the yoyo for a while.

So my brother offered to buy it, I said sure, how much? He says 10 bucks, I said NO WAY, RIP OFF!!!

If I had sold that I would not be YoYoing…

So time laps----

Late May (last year, not year before last).

I came to the pool, had my yoyo, I was to shy to get up and throw, all I did was swim and watch my friends throw. So yadeyadeyade time goes on—

I start throwing and get the hang of standing up and YoYoing in front of others. Learned tricks from friends, taught tricks to other kids who literally begged to throw my PGM. I did let them a few times and taught them tricks- they decided they wanted a yoyo, out comes they FAST201 neon collection, I think 3-5 kids got them. I got a bumblebee later on.

So the year goes on, we yoyo. The PGM was the most popular among the kids (having stacks). So from the FAST comes the PGM. A kid, maybe 4-5 can’t remember got a PGM, so did some others. The kid had normal sized YYE length string, he was at least 3-3.5 feet tall.

So ok goes the year some kids had PGM’s and FAST, and one kids dad bought a Velocity.

Then another kid gets interested and gets a Velocity. Then his brother 20 something gets a good deal on ebay, a YYJ Karma, used but good confusion. Then another kid gets a PGM. And then my brother (younger) gets a Spinstar. Then another kid got a ONE. I think more kids that were to shy to yoyo there had FAST 201. A
A family of 4 all got some Duncan butterfly and imperial, and a Old Navy yoyo. Then later on a friend found a Whip on EBay pretty cheap. And one more friend who had a Brain and Butterfly got a CW pack and a YYF Yuksta. It had a bearing seat issue so I never tried it :(.

So in that short time about 3 months, all those kids got yoyos.

So then after the pool closed for the year I was serious about YoYoing, i picked up some more yoyos, I got a Flying Panda from a friend that taught me 4a. A homemade counter weight taught me 1 or 2 freehand tricks. And so on. Never could get 2 loopers because my parents were puzzled why I wanted 2.

So now I have a lot more yoyos, I can do all the styles 1a 2a 3a 4a and 5a.

I have been to a yoyo club, I have modded yoyos and all that stuff–

Now the pools about to open again, and as I mentioned I already saw 2 kids YoYoing. So this year is going to be fantastic year of YoYoing, i am going to teach kids all I know hopefully and have a great time!

The only thing I haven’t done is go to a Competition.


So anyways, I just want to share about how many people have gotten interested in the yoyo, I hope to get more interested this year.

And last of all, if it was not for the Yoyoexpert forums and the website, I would not no a thing about my yoyos bearings, maintenance etc.

So Thank you to everyone on this forum and André Boulay for his help and tutorials!

I hope you all find a place to get kids excited about throwing-

Shortening my story, but my friend found a yoyo in my high school theatre 5 or six people started yoyoing. As time goes on I am the only one standing I believe and have the most extensive collection. This summer I might teach my brother in law how to yoyo since he had one when he was 15 or so. He was in before unresponsive was a big thing I know that.


The only problem is I had to buy my yoyo. I didn’t find one laying around :(.

Well we all bought new ones it was a cheap little plastic bearing thing, three people bought velocities, one bought a popstar, and I bought a one then a DV888 a month later when my friend went from his popstar to a code 1

You live in North Carolina?

Yeah, I know about your club. It’s a little far for me…

North Carolina…
I stay in Camden a few times a year visiting family.
What part of the state are you from?


I wish North Carolina has a yoyo competition I’m mean the Raleigh convention center seems to be good enough to host a competion

Malls as well. Or any outdoor place.

There is a Comunity Park across the street that has a open field the size of a Hotel Lobby. Not as wide but 10x longer.

go to nc yoyo players on Facebook. We have talked about it eds club they said they’d might have one in charolette