Any one know how to........

Do any Hiroyuki Suzuki tricks? All I know how to do is the smooth 1.5 trick.

I think I saw one that was on YouTube, but it might have been in Japanese, so I’m not sure if it will help. Plus, I can’t find it right now…

However, if you’re trying to learn them to get the FEEL for his style, then try looking it up. But if you’re trying to COPY his style and tricks, then try not to. Try making up your own style. It’s not good to steal.

His style is a lot like mine, lots of rolls.

it isn’t bad to copy someones style as long as you don’t take credit for it. I try to throw alot like guy wright. Not because i want to take credit for ultra smooth whips and grinds and amazing tech tricks, but because It’s fun and very exciting for me when i master one of his tricks. if he wants to yoyo exactly like hiroyuki suzuki, i don’t see any problem with it.

Well, I was kind of referring to competition wise.

in competetion I agree completely