Any of yall Go to raves?

I went my first one a few weeks ago and loved it. Girls sounds and colors. Had too much fun, love the scene. Anyways im having trouble finding a yyf starlite, but once i do that baby is going with me oooowwww! Have anyone seen someone throw at a rave? Ive seen glive lights and orbiters n stuff.

Starlites don’t glow for very long when ‘charged’ with regular light. A better bet for a raving yoyo would be a light up FHZ.


Chief with glow sticks. You could put on a show for days.

I haven’t been to a rave in while- back when I DJed a lot, I was really into EDM, and so I’ve been to a few raves/festivals/concerts. Aside from certain songs I hear now and then, edm doesn’t really do for me what it did a couple years ago.

I’ve never seen anybody with a glowy yoyo at one. You usually have your hoopers and glove/light show people but that’s kinda it. I think that if you pick up a light-up FHZ, and learn some 5a, you could put on quite a show. Personally, I would just enjoy the concert/festival/show and not bother, but I have a friend who does light shows (gloves) and he goes to these things just to put on shows for people, so to each their own.

I think i would have a lot of fun with it.

Glownasties glow pretty bright.

Raves are great fun. They are so intense. Who have you seen?

I have always thought that 2a would be really cool with some lightup yoyos. I can imagine a lot of people there would get pretty into that.

There are no Raves ever in my area.

I’m not really a fan of raving, but I have done it. What I end up doing is basically this:

hahahahaa XD

Sorry for the double post, I usually do The Bernie hahaahaaa

pounces in enthusiastically

^ ^

Raver here! Love the culture and love the atmosphere.

I went to a rather large rave a couple weeks ago and in between resting from dancing and glowstringing, I busted out my light FHZ with light counterweight and did some 5A. Totally amazing feeling. Yoyoing at a rave is like nothing else you will ever experience. You can let yourself go and get lost in the music and just let your body flow with your yoyo.
Its a spiritual moment where everyone is one, by doing what they do, and its incredible to be within.

But yeah, I have yet to go to any massives at this point but perhaps Ill hit up Beyond Wonderland, gotta see.

But yeah, PLUR forever. And you just reminded me that I gotta get back to making more kandi. :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome! ^ ^



The last rave I went to was nearly 20 years ago. It was a magical time…

just went to see skism last night! Ill post a videoo!?!