Any JDM car fans here?

Hey guys, pretty new to the forum, anyone like Japanese cars or drifting? If so what do you drive or want to drive? I love Hondas and have a slammed Prelude, and I love drifting and have a 240sx with a RB20det skyline motor.

All JDM here

Acura Vigor was my first car.
Bought a 2000 Civic SI it was stolen.
02 RSX Type S. Sold.
Currently drive a 13 SI

Nice! Honda has my heart, I will always own at least one (there’s 3 Hondas in my driveway). 240’s are addicting though, bought a beater s13 last winter and fell in love with the chassis. Then I built a rust free car during spring and summer, I’ve been having an absolute blast with it.