Any Good Hip Hop Beats to Throw to?

^^ looking for more stuff Chase Hadden related, or the beats that are used in Cabin Tuts.


Yo-yo ft. Ice Cube - You Can’t Play With My Yo-yo UNCENSORED

That song is OLD! Like old man. XD I think he was thinking something a little more recent (could be mistaken)

  1. Atmosphere: Sunshine, spagetti strapped and guns and cigarettes are all really good songs by him.
  2. Eminem: This is just personal preference, but shake that a s s is a good one i think.
  3. Gymclass heros: friend request is a good one for yoyoing.
    That’s about it on hiphop, I got some dubstep songs if you wanna hear that too. Classic rock too.

Eminem - Till I collapse

The lyrics makes you want to throw at your best, not necessarily the beats.

Or how about,

Jay Z - Empire State of Mind

I like till I collapse, but over listened to that song and ruined it for my self

Check out OCD Moosh and Twist. They are out of Philly and are hype!

Geto Boys - Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta


Riff Raff XD, if you want just instrumentals,just search my friend you’ll find plenty, the one im addicted to right now,thanks to a turuorial video,is a beat called heaven by Tantu

Sail gravity remix.
Cinderella man.
Ska Genre. XD a lot of ska songs are good throw songs.

Dude, throw to some Melodic Dubstep…

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