Any Game Makers?

Any one else an aspiring game developer? If so, what field? Modeling and programming for me.

I see I am alone…

I am. I’ve made a few arcade-style games. a Pong clone (with 2-player mode), a game I made up called Climber, and a game called Dodge the Spikes. I’ve also made two platformers, one called Poly the Circle, and one called Toxic.
I also do everything. So programming, art, design, music, sound effects, and testing. 8)

EDIT: the link to my website is below my avatar.

What engine do you use? Maybe we could hook up some time.

Well, let’s see:
Python(with Pygame)
I know a bit of C and C++
I’ve made a bear walking across a forest scene in Panda3d.

and that’s pretty much it.

All code? Ouch. I could never do that. Doesn’t it get boring? I’d check this out:

That’s what I use. Makes things sooo easy. Supports C#, Boo(similar to Python), and a modified version of JavaScript; my personal favorite. Also comes with a ton of free scripts to start with. And the community’s great. A lot of member create free scripts and assets for the public to use, even for commercial use. The TornadoTwins have a great series of videos for beginners if your intereste. Not that I think you’re new to making game, but just for Unity.

I checked Unity out; it looks pretty neat.
Perhaps, once I’ve learned how to use it, we could create a game or two.

To answer your question about only using code, it does sometimes get tedious but there is absolutely no overhead. I can work on the guts of my game, and I usually code the engine from scratch.
To me, it’s the same as having a huge collection of digital Legos to put together. :slight_smile:

That’s awesome. Let me know when you get the hang of it. I’d love to make a game with you.

Do you have an email address or something? It might be better to take this off the forums.